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Carrier is now offering rebates of up to $1250.00 plus utility company rebates of $1000.00 and more !



                                          " GREENSPEED "

                                      NEW ONLY FROM CARRIER

                  "THE FUTURE IS NOW"

New from Carrier the first ever inverter driven compressor. This system runs like your car, need more speed push harder on the peddle, need less let up, same applies here. If your home only requires 10- 20 or 30% of total capacity that is exactly what you will get , if you need a little more it will automatically adjust to that speed.

All systems today are sized to the maximun capacity or design degree days.Which means we size to maximum temp and humidity conditions. Do you think you need your system to run at 100mph 100% of the time. If you said no you are correct. 

Just because your have an area that requires a certain size system does not necessarily mean you need the system to run at 100% all the time. How about when your home or business requires only 30% on milder days, at night time, when the sun goes down, after the house is cool and most of the heat and humidity are at or near set point. Do you still think you need to be running at 100% ALL THE TIME ? No is the right answer.

Greenspeed systems only give you the amount of heating and cooling you need when you need it ,no more no less. This is the future of indoor comfort you never seemed possible. Oh, one more question, do you think you get better mileage in the city while your car is stopping and starting or on the high way when you are at steady constant speeds? The correct answer is B.

Think about all that energy we have been wasting.