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     Letter from a satisfied customer Guardian air


“I am a father of five, a three year old daughter and

quadruplet two year olds, three girls and a boy. The

quadruplets were born prematurely and are especially susceptible

to respiratory infection.

In November, 2005 all my children were in the Emergency

Room suffering with respiratory distress. My one daughter

was having such serious problems that she was induced

into a coma like state before her little body was overcome.

The doctor was afraid that she would succumb to the respiratory

distress, and have to be intubated and attached to

a respirator.

After this experience my wife and I are constantly concerned

and aware of our children’s breathing. The

Guardian Air Plug-In purification system was recommended

to me as I was talking about my family with my

local air conditioning contractor. At the time I was first told

about this product my two children were suffering from respiratory

infection, and we were bracing ourselves for all of

them becoming infected.

I was very impressed with what I heard about the Guardian

Air and the way it treats the entire conditioned space. I

could not believe how easy it was to use. We were able to

just plug it in and turn it on immediately and it was amazingly

quiet as it ran. If not for the light on the unit I would

not have been able to tell if it was actually on and running.

Most importantly, I believe that the use of the Guardian Air

Plug-In was instrumental in allowing us to hold the infection

at bay. Usually illness runs through my children very

quickly. When we started using the Guardian Air Plug In,

the infection had spread to two of the quadruplets and my

three-year-old daughter. I think that the purification of the

air in the house made it difficult for the infection to pass between

the children.

The end result for us was that our children got better

sooner and two did not get sick at all. I believe that had I

been using the Guardian Air sooner, my children would

probably not have gotten sick at all. This product was perfect

for my family and helped us to beat the infection and

keep our children healthy.”