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  Mitsubishi and Temp-Rite are offering up to 480.00 rebate plus some   utility company rebatesbusiness logos company logos as well               

        Temp-Rite, LLC is a Mitsubishi          "Diamond Contractor"       

Landlords and Building Owners:

Stop paying for tenants utility abuse NOW!!! Don't you think you have been paying long enough? With the highest energy rates we have ever seen (and still going strong) how long do you think before all your profits and than some will go to just heat and cool your tenants (one,two,three years),these systems will improve your bottom line drastically while also saving your tenants money and keeping them at the indoor comfort level they so desire. Ask us about the one, two, three & four zone up to 50 zone systems that will provide you with heating & cooling at HIGH SAVINGS to you and your tenants.

Mitsubishi, has broken the seer ratings record with the new 22/23 seer systems. Europe has been using these for over 30 years, now it is our turn.

         One outdoor unit can provide heat and cool for up to 4 indoor units

Many customers ask the question " What is the life span of these systems" I show them this picture of a 19+ year old system