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Plug- in type $599.00  

                                   Duct mount type $1050.00

 Air Purification System see this at the home show...ask China

This is NOT an ozone generator

Reduces Airborne

•Smoke •Mildew •VOCs •Odors •Bacteria •Viruses*


•Plugs into existing outlets •No wiring required •Economical •Low Maintenance

•25,000 Hour Cell Life •Light weight •Compact•Built in night light

•Hidden mounting screws prevents theft •Built in electrical outlet two sides (4 total)

                                               •3 year warranty


The Plug In Plus Natural Air Purification System provides bacteria, mold, odor and VOCs (chemical odors) reduction.


The advantage of the Plug In Plus is its ability to be used in any room and be completely inconspicuous.

The Plug In Plus plugs directly into a wall outlet and can be used with or without its internal fan. Because it has its own outlets as part of the unit, you do not lose the wall outlet you will actually gain 2 new outlets. The Plug In Plus is an air treatment system not a filter.


The Problem:

Indoor air pollution is now considered by the EPA and Congress to be America’s No. 1 environmental health problem.

Tightly sealed buildings and homes may be more energy efficient but can trap pollutants and microbes indoors causing allergies odors, mold and illness.


The Solution:

The Plug In Plus by RGF has proven to drastically reduce odors, smoke, mold, fungi, VOCs (chemical odors) and bacteria found in many rooms. Airborne bacteria and mold reduction is normally in the 90+ percentile.


The Technology:

The Plug In Plus utilizes RGF’s Photohydroionization2TM technology which utilizes ozonide ions, super oxide ions, hydroperoxides, hydroxides and UV light targeted on a hydrated quad-metallic target to develop advanced oxidation.


Ideal for hotel rooms, suites, public restrooms, offices, locker rooms and more!

A PhotohydroionizationTM (PHI) Technology

The Chinese government has tested and approved RGF’s PHI CellTM for use in China’s government buildings for protection against the SARS virus.