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Letters from the Customer

Dear Jerry,

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work that your three installers (Matthew, Tim, and Ryan) did for me on 4/21/08. They were on time and efficient with everything.  Tim and Matthew did an excellent job on explaining everything that they were doing before they
started installing Mr.Slim.  At the end, they did a great job with cleaning and removing all trash.

Jerry,  I did not forget how nice and patient you were with me with explaining Mr.Slim.  You were not like any of the other companies that came to my house. You brought the Mr.Slim product and explained any and everything to me.

Jerry,  I want you to know,  I will gladly recommend your company to anyone.  My neighbors and co-workers are so astounded with the Mr.Slim that I have given them your contact information.  I pray that your business keeps running with great people and loyal business.


Tanaya Teamer



Just want to let you known that I did not forgot about installing the last unit in the basement. I was still having problems with water in the basement which now has been fixed. So, I hope to have the framing done in the next couple of weeks so you can install the last unit.

The cost of operating 6 units from the installation in January thru March every day use cost  about $30 extra a month on the electrical bill, they are very efficient. The other item I wanted to get is a est on the cost of converting my oil burner to gas. I need to known is cost of gas vs. oil heat, what has to be done to do it. I have gas line connected to the house, but has not been used in 25yrs, but the chimney was lined about 3yrs ago. I use about 600 gal of oil a year for heat and hot water so I was trying to figure out how much more gas to provide the same amount of heat as oil  . I can provide any more detail if needed. My thoughts are when installing the last unit that the gas conversion could be done, based on the cost.

Dave Woodruff