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In February of 2006, PS 135 began the installation of 58 Guardian Air units to assist in reducing absenteeism due to illness.

During a meeting in January of 2006 members of the school district met with RGF and G. W. Berkhiemer to discuss ongoing problems with the air quality in the school.

Like many older schools there were many complaints regarding the air quality. The most common were mold, musty odors and teachers complaining of being uncomfortable in certain rooms. The RGF factory personnel explained the unique approach to air quality that the Guardian Air family of products provides; it's ability to kill microbes (mold, bacteria and viruses) in the conditioned space instead of trying to kill them in the air handler. They also informed the members of the school district the fact that a well known cruise line had installed them in all of their cruise ships to protect the passengers from the Norwalk Virus. During the discussion,RGF shared with the school district the results of a test done by Midwest Research Institute (MRI), where the Guardian Air achieved a kill rate on Norwalk Virus of 99.9999% in a series of one hour tests. It is important to note that the Norwalk Virus is the cause of 54% of all the stomach flu Americans suffer each year.

The school district decided to try the product and would phase it in during class room modifications to be done in spring of 2007.

As part of the project, the school decided to run preliminary studies on the effect on absenteeism verses the same period a year earlier. The results showed that with the Guardian Air units installed, the absenteeism fell by 15-20%. This is a very important point for all school districts as they receive their federal and state funding based on daily attendance records. So the more students in school, the more funding they receive. In essence, PS 135 got an increase in their funding of 15-20%.

This information should be interesting to anyone who has responsibility for areas where people gather in groups.

Such as, assisted living facilities, universities, day care centers (both children as well as seniors), hotels and meeting facilities,work related assembly areas, government buildings, churches, shopping areas, restaurants, and of course schools.


From USA Today

That calamity in the gut is probably the work of nasty norovirus.


Stomach viruses tearing through communities from California to the Carolinas. The most likely culprits, experts say, are noroviruses, the most common cause of contagious gastroenteritis,better known as the “stomach flu”. Cases occur every winter, but health officials say that recently they have seen two to three times as many cases as usual.

The virus, best known as the cause of cruise ship outbreaks, is easy to catch, hard to wipe out and seems to be everywhere at once.Not long ago, San Quentin State Prison closed to new prisoners and visitors after nearly 500 inmates and guards fell ill with vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, headaches and low fever. Similar symptoms have been plaguing staff and residents of nursing homes in several states. College and pro athletes have missed games. Hundreds of patients have sought help in emergency rooms.


Recently nearly 400 people on a Caribbean cruise last month and 700 on a trans-Atlantic cruise in November were stricken,according to Associated Press reports.

Once it’s in the house, experts say, it’s tough to wipe out.