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RGF first developed its Advanced Oxidation Technology over 20 years ago. Over 1 million RGF Cells are in use around the world.

RGF has licensed its technology to many Fortune 500 companies for use in the medical, food, military, residential, commercial, marine,hospitality and government, etc. RGF cells in various products have been tested and approved/ registered by:

•UL, ETL, TUV, EU, EPA & CSA•U.S. Military•Chinese Government

•Japanese Government (TV commercials)•Canadian Government

•U.S. Government – GSA•European Union


In addition, RGF cells have been specified in the Norovirus / MRSA

protection plan of America’s largest restaurant chains, hotel chains,

theme parks, cruise lines, public schools and hospitals.

RGF’s Aggressive Advanced Oxidizers travel throughout the room aggressively attacking pollutants

PHITM is your answer to Indoor Air Pollution



                     Advanced Oxidation Plasma .01-.02 ppm:

                   •Hydro-Peroxides•Super Oxide Ions•Hydroxide Ions

          Distributed through air handler Installed in hvac duct, plenum


                              110-220 VAC 50/60 Hz / 12VDC

                           Warranty on parts 25,000 hrs* (3 Year)

                               (USA only) *Continuous Operation


Average sneeze microbial reduction: 78%

Microbial Reductions Typical virus and bacteria killed

378% Reduction

SARS Bird Flu -Norwalk MRSA -Strep -Candida -Listeria-E.coli Bacillius sp

Independently tested on surfaces and airborne Simulated Sneeze Lab Test at three feet in a 250 cu ft Bio Test Chamber. An independent double blind study.


PHI-Guardian Air

In HVAC Duct

           RGF’s PHITM Technology


With a Guardian Air HVAC Cell Advanced Oxidation System, micro-organisms can be reduced by over 99%. Gases, VOCs and odors can also be reduced significantly.

Advanced Oxidation Plasma will be carried throughout the ducts and rooms for a continuous purification process and a quick kill of newly introduced odors or microbials.


• Bacteria• Mold• Odors Inactivated Pollutants • Virus• Smoke

• VOCs


Super Oxide Ions ,Hydroxides Ions,Hydro-peroxidesTM 12 VDC


                                                PHI Cell

Aggressive Advanced Oxidation Plasma destroys airborne and surface pollutants



It is a normal reaction to question the long term safety of any product that is effective and uses new or "breakthrough"technology. This type of question has become common as our litigious society has taught us to question things that significantly outperform existing methods or products.

The breakthrough in the RGF advanced oxidation technologies is a group of oxidants known as Hydroperoxides. Hydroperoxides have been a common part of our environment for over 3.5 billion years.

Hydroperoxides are created in our atmosphere whenever three components are present:oxygen molecules, water vapor and energy (electro magnetic).PHITM has the ability to create hydroperoxides.

Hydro-Peroxides are very effective at destroying harmful microbials. As oxidants, they do this by either destroying the microbe through a process known as cell lysing or by changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless (which is the case in VOC's and odors).

 The amount of hydroperoxides required to accomplish this task in a conditioned space is well below the level that is constantly in our outside air. The Advanced Oxidation Technology found in RGF's Guardian Air product family has brought the oxidants found in the outside air into the conditioned space of your home.

There is no known case of hydroperoxides ever creating a health risk. Considering we have been exposed to hydroperoxides in nature since the day man stepped on the planet, it is a reasonable assumption that hydroperoxides do not constitute a health risk. Over the past 20 plus years RGF has more than 1 million Advanced Oxidation products successfully used worldwide without a safety problem.


           Guardian Air

  An RGF Residential / Commercial Product


                                The main advantage...


Guardian Air does not need the pollutants to travel to the air handler for UV treatment or filtration. Guardian Air is proactive and sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the room to destroy the pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces, before they can reach your family, clients or employees.

Samples of university & independent lab tests and major corporation studies


• 4-log reduction (99.99%) surface bacteria/virus reduction

• Over 80% VOC reduction• 78% of microbes in human sneeze killed at 3 feet

• 97% airborne bacterial reduction• 99% reductions of Ecoli, Listeria, Strep and Bird Flu

• 85% odor reduction• 97% airborne mold reduction

• US Military approved for mold protection in field hospitals

• Hospital approvals Infectious Diseases - U.S. and International

99% reduction of Staph (MRSA)

• 99% food surface microbial reduction

• Major US city school reports 20% reduction in absenteeism

• Tested and approved by the Chinese Government for

protection against the SARS virus

• Approved by the USDA, FSIS and FDA for use in food

processing plants

• Fox News three-part indoor air series featured RGF and

concluded substantial mold and bacteria reductions

• RGF's technology has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS and in

Popular Science Magazine



A meeting was held at RGF after 9/11/01 with a team of PhDs

from Sandia National Lab who hold homeland security responsibility

for microbials (bacteria/viruses) terrorist attacks.

The team headed by Dr. James Marsden, a distinguished

professor from Kansas State University, needed a method to

kill micro-organisms in a heating/air conditioning or ventilation

system. The scenario was: What if a terrorist aspirated

a deadly strain of bacteria or virus in a public area? No one

would know until people had dispersed all over the U.S.A.

and spread the disease into a pandemic. RGF scientists interjected

that if the kill was made in the heating, cooling or

ventilation system (HVAC), it is really too late as anyone in

the room when the terrorist aspirated the bacteria/virus would

already be exposed and moving around the country. RGF

proposed a proactive approach of airborne aggressive

friendly oxidizers such as hydro-peroxides. These could intercept

the aspirated bacteria/viruses within inches of the aspiration

and begin neutralizing the microbes immediately. We

used a sneeze as an example, such as: What if I sneeze right

now? Everyone around the table would be exposed to my

aspirated sneeze germs, and if the HVAC system had a sanitizer,

it would be of no help to those around the table. This,

of course, was of great interest to the Sandia team, but they

needed proof it worked. So, we needed a double-blind study

on RGF’s PHI Advanced Oxidation Plasma’s ability to destroy

sneeze germs. This required a bio-chamber and the

ability to accurately duplicate a sneeze, not an easy task.

A testing protocol concept was discussed and developed

which included a "Sneeze Simulation Machine" and

"Sneeze" chamber. A sneeze can travel at up to 100 mph,

so we had to consider lung capacity, sneeze pressure, and

liquid volume to properly simulate a human sneeze. RGF designed

and built the world’s first sneeze machine which included

an artificial lung, pressure, speed and volume controls.

The test proceeded with outstanding results. An averageof 78%

reduction of microbials was achieved in a double

blind test, at 3 feet from the sneeze source. This is clearly

not a medically supervised test or protocol. However, from a

practical point, it was definitely providing some kill at the

source and will provide some level of protection. The physics

of PHI as an air purifier is unique. A PHI System is not a filter,

a UV device or an ozone generator. It is a cell that radiates

friendly oxidizers. These oxidizers travel through a room or

home by Brownian Motion (natural air movement). One of

the four PHI oxidizers is hydro peroxides. In layman's terms,

treating a room with hydro peroxides is like misting a room

with a weak hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mist similar to the old

homeopathic remedy for sick kids when you added a couple

of ounces of hydrogen peroxide to a vaporizer to disinfect

the room. Today sophisticated vaporized hydrogen peroxide

systems are used professionally to disinfect buildings for MRSA,

Anthrax and Norovirus.

Each time a hydrogen peroxide particle finds an airborne organic

contaminant it will oxidize or neutralize the contaminant, and in the

process kill itself.

The hydrogen peroxide particle (H2O2) will revert to water vapor (H2O). This will permit the next H2O2 particle to move a little

further into the room until the entire area is purified. This is

the reason one small PHI unit can work on large areas up to

a 5,000 sq. ft. house. The factor is time. The more pollutants

or contaminants, the longer it may take to reach a 90%+ reduction


6 hours for clean house / 1 day for dirty house 1 day for clean house /

2 days for dirty house

2 days for clean house / 4 days for dirty house 3 days for clean house /

6 days for dirty house

OXIDIZERS (In order of strength)

1. Fluorine                    6. Chlorine

2. Hydroxyl Radical*   7. Bromine

3. Ozone 8. Iodine

4. Hydrogen Peroxide* 9. Oxygen*

5. Permanganate



* Elements of the RGF Advanced Oxidation Process. Friendly oxidizers do not use chemicals and revert back to oxygen and hydrogen.


PHI vs. Germicidal UV Lamps

UV-C - Germicidal Lamps

These are rapidly becoming very popular as an easy fix for the air conditioner coil mold problem. This is one of the most prevalent cause of the mildew smell you get when you enter an air-conditioned sick building. UV-C (254nm) lamps are basically similar to sun lamps and are typically only effective on microbials that pass by within a few inches of the lamp or areas where the light is shining directly on for extended periods of time, such as the air conditioner coil (see article in HVAC News- June 30 2003 and associated press 11-24-03). Excerpt from article:(The biggest questions from contractors are on placement,

Pharo said. For instance, should UVGIs be installed in the return or supply?

For air stream coverage, the study "Defining the Effectiveness of UV Lamps Installed in Circulating Air Ductwork," from the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Institute (ARTI), recommends placement in the return side, with six lamps for optimum effectiveness, Pharo pointed out.

Due to space and financial constraints, however, "Most homeowners won't have that many lamps installed. So we recommend the concurrent installation of a really good filter, with the UV lamp placed over the indoor coil," Pharo said. "Air conditioning systems are great inventions, but the moist environment (at the coils) creates a microbial breeding ground."

Additionally, when UV lamps are shining directly on the coils, they are hitting a stationary target. When moving targets (VOCs and microbes) pass UV lights, the more sensitive microbes may be damaged, but the hardier ones will pass unharmed. UV lights, for instance, have been found to be better applied to shine on the indoor coil, not to try to clean the air stream, particularly In residential and light commercial applications; air stream use requires intense UV saturation.)


Pros: Low cost, easy installation, and effective on suppressing mold growth on the coil that has the light shining on it.

Cons: Not effective at killing airborne microbials unless numerous lamps are used (see article). Only effective on the surface

of the coil that is in direct light. This leaves much of the coil with no treatment. Does not provide ongoing room protection.

Most UV systems install a glass UV mercury bulb without protection from breakage. A broken bulb could release mercury, a potential environmental and health hazard.

Minimum of two lamps must be used to cover at least one-quarter of the coil surface (the upper half of the outer coil). For one-half coverage, three to six lamps must be used. 100% coverage is not practical. For a 90% kill rate of airborne microbials, 30” lamps would have to be placed every 2’ in a 95’ duct, calculated with a 24” x 24” plenum at 2000 cu ft per minute.

A 95 foot lamp is not very practical and as reported in the HVAC News article “UV lamps are for coil surface mold”. They are not effective in an HVAC system for virus or bacteria kills. Some UVc light companies state their UV systems can kill 99.9% of MRSA on a single pass and then reference an EPA study. This is very misleading as the test was conducted on a test unit of five UV high-energy lamps, each 50” long in a reflective tunnel, which burns 1,100 watts of electricity. This is the equivalent of running a hair dryer in you’re A/C 24 hours a day.

This obviously generates a lot of heat in addition to burning a lot of electricity,

and the units cost thousands of dollars. This system is not something the homeowner would install. We make similar industrial UV systems. However, we specify those for industrial, very expensive heavy duty systems for food processing or medical applications. A standard 12” HVAC UV light system installed in an A/C coil will destroy mold growth on the coil that the UV light shines on. What sections of the coil the light does not hit will grow mold. To cover a coil with UV light would take four to six lights. The lights used on an A/C coil will provide little, if any, airborne microbial kill as the UV energy and dwell time is not nearly enough to kill fast moving, airborne microbials. Air passing through an A/C coil is doing so at about 1,200 cfm or 30 inches per second; in layman’s terms-“very fast.”

UV light AC coil requires 6 lamps

The PHITM Solution

The Advanced Oxidation Plasma of PHITM will destroy mold growth on an AC coil. The plasma, being a gas, will acheive full coverage as it moves in and around the AC coil fins controlling mold and bacteria growth.

PHI Cell,AC coils,Fan,Filter

Advanced Oxidation Plasma

*Energy wise

                                  Made In America